Associate Degree In Interior Design

Choosing your future career involves choosing the school that is going to get you where you want to go, which could be anywhere within the industry you choose. Click here to visit FES For many people, entry level and technical level careers are just right, offering a smaller amount of responsibility for the role that must be taken on in the field. For others, getting to the top is the only option and following through means obtaining the highest education possible. Well, in order to start, you have to enter into the smaller arena, with the associate’s degree serving as the first step in a rewarding career. Getting an associate degree in interior design will connect you to the skills and foundation that starts your career and provides the basis for taking it to the top.

Preparing for Entry in the Field
An associate’s degree is like the Kindergarten of college, offering the basic tools and skills you will need as you move forward. Take a look at our site There are several schools both online and offline that offer associate degrees in interior design, allowing you to prepare for entering the field, or even work towards furthering your abilities within the field. There are many professionals today that decide to return to school in order to establish a credible education and to receive training that will provide them with more credibility within the field.
• Drawing
• 3D and 2D design
• Drafting
• Space planning
• Architectural and furniture history
• Building safety codes
• Universal and contract designing

These are all subjects you are likely to explore within the associate’s degree program in interior design, all of which will take you closer to full competency within the field. Thanks for visiting! Even if you are seeking the highest level career in the field, you have to start with the associate’s degree in order to get the basic training required for the field.
Exploring Post-Graduation Options
Once you graduate with an associate’s in interior design, you will find that you have several options laid out before you. For one, you can choose to enter a career while moving forward with your education, or even if you don’t wish to go further. What career options are out there for an associate degree?
• Interior designer
• Interior decorator
• Visual merchandiser
• Commercial design assistant

There are several others with positions varying from company to company and market to market, with many possibilities out there for you. The associate degree also will provide you with great earning potential ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 which isn’t common in most careers with an associate degree.
No matter what intent you have for your associate’s degree in the field of interior design, whether you wish to pursue higher education or just enter the career you wish with the associate degree, you have many options to choose from. Schools are numerous offering these programs and allow you to attend online as well, which can save time and money in the long run. Choosing the best school for you should be done with the assistance of a counselor that can explain the difference between schools, programs, and the courses you can expect to attend in such a program.

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